A Long History in

Saskatoon Security

Founded in 1979 in Saskatoon, SK by Tim S. Boechler, TS Surelock Security has provided commercial and residential customers across Canada with security system solutions and monitoring services customized for their unique needs.

Our expertise spans a range of top of the line hardware and electronic product lines that we select and install based on exactly what you need. We focus on delivering the best selections of a wide variety of manufacturers and vendors, combined with expert installation services for the best quality and service you can find in Saskatoon & Regina, or anywhere in Saskatchewan.

As skilled tradespeople are becoming increasingly difficult to find, we pride ourselves on having a focused team of technicians with well over 200 years of combined experience. This ensures that all installations and maintenance are done with the utmost care and respect for your home or business. All our staff are based in Saskatchewan and care about the security and livelihood of our fellow neighbours. We are as local as it gets